about the author

Jude Mullen grew up in Newcastle, Australia. After completing her teaching degree, she moved to a small country town and met her husband. Although unaccustomed to farm life, Jude settled on a dairy and beef property, raising three children (and many pets).Jude recently made a sea-change to a small coastal village and now spends her time writing by the seaside. She has published several short stories for both children and adults. Jude has a master’s degree in special education and works as a school’s advisor for students with additional needs. She has a strong interest in children’s social and emotional development, and a love of children’s literature.   

about the book

There are many ways to be brave and many ways to be proud, and Jeffery wants to be both. He also wants to be true to himself. Jeffery is proud to be honouring his great grandfather’s bravery by wearing his medals and marching in the big parade, but he is also feeling nervous. Jeffery’s father helps him to understand what being brave and proud really means.Jeffery’s Dress is a heart-warming story that touches on the issues of gender stereotyping and acceptance of differences, in a candid but gentle way. It presents social-emotional learning opportunities for children as they explore the feelings and motivations of themselves and others. The example of unconditional, non-judgemental love of a parent for their child in this story, will give children a sense of warmth, trust and reassurance and help them feel secure in being themselves.Jeffery’s Dress also connects the freedom that our younger generations have – to be themselves and to be proud of who they are – with our older generations who bravely fought to defend this freedom.



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I was inspired to write this story as a way of breaking down the gender stereotypes that society often creates for young children. There are many ways to be a boy and many ways to be a girl. It is i ........


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